Alerts & Notifications

New to Metricly? Use this page as an overview for the features related to Alerts, Events, Policies, and Notifications. For a more technical walkthrough on each, see our related articles.


Alerts are a continuous series of events. They group anomalous behavior and enable you to view open (active) or closed (inactive) incidents. The Open Policies list is the first you see when navigating to the Alerts menu. This list is updated every 30 seconds.

You can view, edit, and create policies in this menu; you can also enable notifications for policies. Clicking on a policy name expands its details, such as conditions and associated elements.

Create New Policy


Events are violations that have met all of a policy’s conditions for a set duration. They indicate that Metricly has detected anomalous behavior in your environment. You can view, categorize, and analyze events. Organized most-to-least recent, finding the right event is easy.

You can zoom in on a series of events by clicking and dragging across the timeline.

Zoom Events


Notifications can be set on any policy that is important to you and your team. From Email, to OpsGenie, to Slack—rest assured you can get notified in the way most convenient to you. You can also customize the frequency of your notifications.

You can create a notification by editing a policy and navigating to 3: Notifications

Create Notification