Create a Monthly Cost Reports

To use the Bill Analysis tool, login to CloudWisdom and navigate to Cost Management > Bill Analysis.

Create and Save a Monthly Total Cost Report

Let’s say you want to explore a breakdown of your bill across AWS Availability Zones for the past month (30 days). How would you do that?

  1. Select Latest 30 days in the Quick ranges dropdown.
  2. Select CONFIGURE to open the configuration modal.
  3. Select Stacked View for the visualization, as we aren’t looking to compare periods in this report. Stacked View also allows you to see a color-coded breakdown of spend which is useful later.
  4. Don’t choose a filter for this report. We want to see everything to get a high-level view of our costs.
  5. For the Group By dropdown, select Availability Zone.
  6. Apply the configuration to view the report.

Your report might look something like this:


Notice the NoAZ bar is substantially higher. Curious why? Hover over the bar for a line-itemed breakdown, like so:


Let’s save this report by selecting SAVE.

Name your report so that it’s clear what kind of data should be expected. At this point you can provide an email — either your own, or a shared email (like to your team) and enable Send Daily Email updates. Email updates can be turned off later by editing the saved report.



EC2 - Other is a large spending category for many AWS users. Let’s take what you learned from the above and create a report that breaks that spending down more.

Configuration Settings

  • Quick Range: Latest 30 Days
  • Visualization: Stacked View
  • Filter: Service > EC2 - Other
  • Other: Group By > Usage Type
  • Other: Limit > 10

Your Configuration modal should look like this:



Now you can see a breakdown of EC2 - Other spend by Usage Type.


You can contextualize this data even further by using Period Comparisons. Using a Period Comparison allows you to see whether your spending is increasing or decreasing over time across different dimensions. Below is a Period Comparison for the report you just made.


It’s helpful to save various reports that slice your billing data using different dimensions and levels of granularity so that you can discover cost trends, cost deltas, and highlight saving success over time. Go ahead and save this report too, as it’s a great base for exploring cost deltas.