Explore Cost Deltas

Cost deltas are noticeable rises in resource cost discovered when comparing two distinct time periods in your AWS billing history. Measuring your cost deltas against the average application workload cost is a great way to discover opportunities to save.

Read the guide on creating budget alerts before using this guide.

In the previous guide, we created a Bill Analysis report that displays EC2 - Other costs from the Latest 30 Days broken down by Usage Type. This kind of report is an excellent view for discovering cost deltas when changing the visualization from Stacked View to Period Comparison View.

Let’s open that saved report you created.

  1. Navigate to Cost Management > Bill Analysis.
  2. Select the Report dropdown and choose your saved report.


Now we are going to update the Quick range to Latest 3 Months. Doing this gives you a larger frame of reference for spending trends. Here we can identify our larger cost deltas.


Sorting and Filtering

Sorting the data by Delta % is a quick way of finding the largest changes percentage wise. The initial results, however, need to be contextualized with some additional filter criteria otherwise you can get less helpful charts like this:


None of the information highlighted in this screenshot is incredibly helpful. Let’s filter out some of the noise by setting a Matching Condition in the configuration modal.

  1. Select CONFIGURE.
  2. Navigate to part 4, Matching Conditions. Select Any Group Comparison Cost > Amount (in this case, 500). explore-cost-deltas-img4
  3. Add a second Matching Condition. Select Any Group Delta % > 100.
  4. Apply the changes.

By doing this you can find more significant deltas across your EC2 - Other Usage Types. The data returned shows any cost by Usage Type which is more than $500 and has at least doubled (%100 delta minimum) over the course of the past 3 months.