Filtering Options

Filtering & Other Options

All filtering and grouping for your report can be done by opening the CONFIGURE modal from the navigation panel.


Filtering Options

  • Services (EC2, Lambda, ELB)
  • Attributes (AZ, Instance Type, Entity Name)
  • Tags (Owner, Project, Application)

Grouping Options

  • Group By (Period, Attribute, Service)
  • Show costs as (Blended, Unblended, Amortized)
  • Limit (From One to All)
  • Sort By (Service, Total Cost, Delta)
  • Sort Order (Ascending or Descending)

Matching Conditions

The following conditions can be set to display data that is greater or less than the input value (either as a dollar amount or percentage).

  • Any Group Current Cost
  • Any Group Comparison Cost
  • Any Group Delta
  • Any Group Delta %