Linux Checks

Enable Linux Checks

Currently, CloudWisdom comes with three pre-built checks; Heartbeat, Processes, and Ports. These are turnkey checks that do not require any scripting or coding, just simple configuration setting in the respective configuration files.

  1. Make sure the Linux agent is installed.
  2. CloudWisdom checks can be enabled via the configuration files included with the agent.
  3. All checks configuration files for the Linux agent can be found in /opt/netuitive-agent/conf/collectors
  4. Some of the checks are enabled by default, while you would need to enable other checks.

Heartbeat Check

This check is enabled by default. For additional configuration, you can modify the following in the HeartbeatCollector.conf file where TTL represents Time To Live of the check and is expressed in seconds:

enabled = True
ttl = 150

Port Checks

This check is not enabled by default. To enable Port Checks, update the PortCheckCollector.conf file. Make sure to follow the structure indicated in the file for [port] and [port_app_name].

# To enable the collector, set to True.
# Configure the ports that need to be monitored.

# [port] is the parent and [[port_app_name]] are the child entries.  
# Child entries must be listed below the parent as shown below.

enabled = False
ttl = 150


number = 8888

Process Checks

This check is not enabled by default. Users need to update ProcessCheckCollector.conf to enable the collector and configure the processes that need to be monitored. There are three options for matching a process: process name, process executable or process command line.

exe and name are both lists of comma-separated regexps.

Match by Name


Match by Executable


Match by Command Line


DNS Checks

The DNS check is not enabled by default. Users need to update the DNSLookupCheckCollector.conf file to enable this collector. URLs and FQDNs are accepted. Note that the dnsAddressList requires a comma even when only one URL is provided. If the comma is not added, the collector returns with a cannot resolve hostname error.

enabled = False
ttl = 150
dnsAddressList =,