Element Detail Panel

The Element Detail panel displays tabs for the metric summary, policies, and relationships associated with the selected element.


Summary Tab

The Summary tab displays a dashboard full of select widgets to highlight the most important details of the selected element.

Policies Tab

The Policies tab offers the same functionality as the Policies Page except the Policies tab only displays policies that include the selected element in the policy’s scope. Below is a picture of an EC2’s policies tab.

Relationships Tab

The Relationships tab offers the same functionality as the Elements Relationships widget: it displays the other elements associated with the selected element. Click any of the elements on the tree to open the selected widget’s element detail panel.


About Tags

A tag is a key-value pair assigned to a single element. Tags can be used to group elements and as search filters in Inventory Explorer, Event Explorer, Report Explorer, and Policy Editor. You can tag elements via the Inventory Explorer.