Multi Metric Widget


Visualization Options for this widget type include: line, area, and stacked.

Multi Metric Widget


Set your scope by inputing a value in the Scope search field. You can narrow your scope further selecting specific elements, tags, attributes, or metrics.


Grouping Metrics

  1. Select the Group by button next to your chosen widget.
  2. Update the Aggregation method by selecting an option in the dropdown.
    • You cannot modify the Group by field value metric. group-by-sum
  3. Save to apply changes.

You can set several groupings to an individual metric or to several metrics within the widget.


Widget Name & Other Settings

  1. Add a Widget Name.
  2. A Unit is chosen automatically, however you can choose a different one.
  3. The 5 minutes Period is set as default, however you can chose Raw and 1 Hour as well. Periods determine how many data points are displayed in the visualization. See analytics for more info about data types.
  4. Save to apply changes.