Visualize your data in Metricly with dashboards.You can use the default, pre-packaged integration dashboards or create and customize your own using widgets. Default dashboards are not editable.

View a Dashboard

  • Click on Dashboards in the main menu.
  • Navigate to Dashboards > Manage Dashboards.

Edit a Dashboard

Editing an existing dashboard can involve managing the layout of a dashboard, changing the dashboard’s settings, or manipulating the time frame setting/refresh interval.

Edit Name

  1. Navigate to Dashboards > Dashboard Name.
  2. Hover over the dashboard’s name and click to edit.

Edit Display Mode

  1. Navigate to Dashboards > Dashboard Name.
  2. Click . A modal with all display options appears. Dashboard Settings Menu
  3. Toggle any setting active (green) to enable.
    • Shared: Makes dashboard public for each of the users under a tenant; users can edit and delete the dashboard if they wish without affecting the original dashboard.
    • Fullscreen Mode:
      • Fullscreen: Fullscreen Mode makes your dashboard(s) take up the entire screen.
      • Rotate Dashboards: If you have fullscreen mode enabled, it will only rotate through your favorite dashboards if this option is selected.
      • Rotation Period (sec): If Rotate Dashboards is set to On, you can enable all of your dashboards to cycle through after a set number of seconds (the default is 60 seconds; the minimum is 20 seconds).
      • Theater Mode: Hides the top navigation menu.