Duration & Refresh Intervals

Adjusting the dashboard’s Duration or Refresh Interval affects the data displayed in widgets on your dashboard.

Change Duration

Edit the Duration setting for the dashboard in the sub navigation menu.

  1. Choose a Duration (past) value.
  2. Select an Ending value (default is Now).
  3. The data then automatically reloads to reflect your changes. Change Dashboard Duration

Two widgets behave differently in regards to the Duration setting:

  • Metric Status Widget: Current Values in Metric Status widgets are not affected by the Time Frame setting. It always reflects the most recent five minutes of data.
  • Group Status Widget: Clicking the refresh button in the Time Frame will refresh the data in the Group Status widget. However, the Group Status widget always displays the most recent 5 minutes of data, regardless of the Time Frame setting.

Check out the Time Frame documentation for more information.

Change Refresh Interval

  1. To edit the Refresh Interval for the dashboard, click Ending Now.
  2. A modal appears with a dropdown for Refresh Interval.