Efficiency Index

Metricly’s Efficiency Indexing provides an at-a-glance view of your optimization scores in terms of: - average cost per unit (e.g., cost per CPU in the case of EC2s) - average per-unit utilization in various dimensions (e.g., Utilization of CPU, Memory, I/O). - an index score ranking your efficiency against fellow peers in the cloud

Simply graph your improvements by watching cost-per-unit decreasing and utilization-per-unit increasing over weeks and months.

AWS Daily Cost

Track your total AWS Daily Cost.


AWS CPU Utilization

Get a per-instance breakdown of your CPU Utilization across your AWS accounts. This value goes up as you continue to right-size resources.


The Efficiency Index

The Efficiency Index generates a score by dividing your total EC2 utilization by the average cost per element. A lower score means better maximization of your cloud budget.

index score