AWS SSM Install

Create Document for Install Script

  1. Open the AWS SSM Console.
  2. Select Shared Resources > Documents in the navigation pane.
  3. Click Create Document.
  4. Name the document install-metricly-agents
  5. Keep this window open and create a new browser tab.
  6. In the new tab, go to Metricly’s GitHub repo for AWS SSM.
  7. Copy the page body.
  8. In the AWS Console, replace the hello world page body content with the copied JSON. json-install-agents
  9. Click Create Document.

Run Command in AWS SSM

  1. In the AWS SSM Console, navigate to Actions > Run Command.
  2. Search for Owner: Equal: Self. Select the document you created, install-metricly-agents.
  3. Scroll to Command Parameters. You must input your Linux and Windows API Keys from your CloudWisdom integrations.
    • Open a separate browser tab and log into CloudWisdom.
    • Navigate to your Linux integration.
    • Copy API Key
    • Paste in corresponding field on AWS SSM page.
    • Repeat for Windows
  4. Scroll to Targets. Add targets using specific tags or manually identifying them to have the agents added. (You can also run against all instances.)
  5. Click Run.

Ensure that your targets have the required SSM IAM role and SSM agent installed per AWS documentation.