Tags & Attributes

You can send tags and attributes through the Windows Agent by updating files in from the /CollectedWin/config folder.

Sending Tags

  1. Navigate to the /CollectdWin/config/ReadWindowsTags.config file.
  2. Update the <Tags> section.
    • Tag Name =“tag1”: replace tag1 with the static key for this tag.
    • Value=“value1”: replace value1 with the host’s tag value.
  3. Save your file.

Tag Example

    <!-- Example
    <Tag Name="candle" Value="fresh-linen"/>
    <Tag Name="spice" Value="ginger"/>

Sending Attributes

  1. Navigate to the /CollectdWim/config/ReadWindowsAttributes.config file.
  2. Update the <EnvironmentVariables> section.
    • EnvironmentVariable Name=“static_display_name_here”: replace static_display_name_here with the key for your attribute. This string shows up in CloudWisdom next to the attribute’s value.
    • Value=“ATTRIBUTE_NAME”: replace ATTRIBUTE_NAME with the exact environment variable name you wish to send.
  3. Save your file.

Attribute Example

<ReadWindowsAttributes ReadEC2InstanceMetadata="true">
    <EnvironmentVariable Name="processor_architecture" Value="PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE"/>
    <EnvironmentVariable Name="number_of_processors" Value="NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS"/>

You must choose an environment variable listed by the host when running set from the command prompt, e.g. PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: send-attributes-cmd