Redshift Metrics

For each Redshift cluster, two types of elements are collected:

  • RedshiftCluster: Contains cluster-specific metrics as well as metrics that are averages across all nodes.
  • RedshiftNode: Contains node-specific metrics. There will be one element per Redshift node.

The table below denotes which metrics are cluster- or node-based (or both).


Fully Qualified Name (FQN) Cluster Node AWS Metric Statistic Units Max BASE CORR UTIL
aws.redshift.cpuutilization yes yes CPUUtilization average percent 100 yes yes yes
aws.redshift.databaseconnections yes no DatabaseConnections average count none yes no no
aws.redshift.healthstatus yes no HealthStatus average 1 no no no
aws.redshift.maintenancemode yes no MaintenanceMode average 1 no no no
aws.redshift.networkreceivethroughput yes yes NetworkReceiveThroughput average Bps none yes yes no
aws.redshift.networktransmitthroughput yes yes NetworkTransmitThroughput average Bps none yes yes no
aws.redshift.percetagediskspaceused yes yes PercentageDiskSpaceUsed average percent 100 yes no yes
aws.redshift.readiops yes yes ReadIOPS average iops none yes yes no
aws.redshift.readlatency yes yes ReadLatency average seconds none yes yes no
aws.redshift.readthroughput yes yes ReadThroughput average Bps none yes yes no
aws.redshift.writeiops yes yes WriteIOPS average iops none yes yes no
aws.redshift.writelatency yes yes WriteLatency average seconds none yes yes no
aws.redshift.writethroughput yes yes WriteThroughput average Bps none yes yes no


Fully Qualified Name (FQN) Description Units BASE This metric represents the total throughput, obtained by adding the read and write throughputs. Computation:(ReadThroughput + WriteThroughput) Bps yes