S3 Metrics

There are three groups of S3 metrics: Daily storage metrics for buckets, Request metrics, and Replication metrics. The first group includes two metrics: Bucket Size Bytes and Number of Objects. These metrics are free of charge and reported by AWS once daily.

The other metrics are billed additionally by AWS. You can opt in for request metrics through the Management tab of the S3 configuration in the AWS console.


Friendly Name Fully Qualified Name (FQN) AWS Metric Statistic Units BASE
Bucket Size Bytes aws.s3.bucketsizebytes BucketSizeBytes average GiB/KiB yes
Number of Objects aws.s3.NumberOfObjects NumberOfObjects average K yes
4xx Errors aws.s3.4xxerrors 4xxErrors average count yes
5xx Errors aws.s3.5xxerrors 5xxErrors average count yes
All Requests aws.s3.allrequests AllRequests average count yes
First Byte Latency aws.s3.firstbytelatency FirstByteLatency average milliseconds yes
Head Requests aws.s3.headrequests HeadRequests average count yes
Total Request Latency aws.s3.totalrequestlatency TotalRequestLatency average milliseconds yes
Get Requests aws.s3.getrequests GetRequests average count yes
Put Requests aws.s3.putrequests PutRequests average count yes
Delete Requests aws.s3.deleterequests DeleteRequests average count yes
Post Requests aws.s3.postrequests PostRequests average count yes
Select Requests aws.s3.selectrequests SelectRequests average count yes
Select Scanned Bytes aws.s3.selectscannedbytes SelectScannedBytes average count yes
Select Returned Bytes aws.s3.selectreturnedbytes SelectReturnedBytes average count yes
List Requests aws.s3.listrequests ListRequests average count yes
Bytes Downloaded aws.s3.bytesdownloaded BytesDownloaded average count yes
Bytes Uploaded aws.s3.bytesuploaded BytesUploaded average count yes
Replication Latency aws.s3.replicationlatency ReplicationLatency average seconds yes
Bytes Pending Replication aws.s3.bytespendingreplication BytesPendingReplication average GiB/KiB yes
OperationsPendingReplication aws.s3.operationspendingreplication OperationsPendingReplication average count yes