Cassandra is an open source distributed database management system. We use the Jolokia agent to monitor Cassandra’s performance as Cassandra exposes its metrics via JMX. Jolokia connects to a given mbean server and then exposes the server via a REST-like interface, acting as a bridge between JMX and HTTP/JSON.


  1. Download the Jolokia JVM JAR file.
    • Move the downloaded file to the /opt/netuitive-agent/ directory.
    • Add the following line to the very end of the file (typically located in /etc/cassandra/conf or /opt/cassandra/conf):
JVM_OPTS="$JVM_OPTS -javaagent:/opt/netuitive-agent/jolokia-jvm-1.3.4-agent.jar"

If you’re running Cassandra in a container, you’ll need to add –javaagent:/opt/agent.jar=port=8778,host= to the end of the line above.

2. Restart Cassandra, and confirm Jolokia is running by accessing http://localhost:8778/jolokia/ 3. Navigate to the collectors folder. The default location is /opt/netuitive-agent/conf/collectors. 4. Open the CassandraJolokiaCollector.conf file. 5. Change the enabled setting to True, save the file, and restart the Linux agent.

This integration’s package will be automatically enabled and provisioned to your account as soon as CloudWisdom receives data from the integration. The PACKAGES button on the integration setup page will become active once data is received, so you’ll be able to disable and re-enable the package at will.

Collector options

Option Default Description
enabled FALSE Enable collecting Cassandra metrics.
host localhost Hostname to collect from.
port 8778 Port to collect from.
path cassandra The metric prefix, e.g., how you want the metrics to show up in CloudWisdom.
jolokia_path jolokia Part of the URL path that points to where your application serves metrics. Typically jmx or jolokia.
mbeans org.apache.cassandra.metrics Pipe (
metrics_blacklist see below Regex list to match metrics to block. Mutually exclusive with metrics_whitelistoption.
byte_unit Default numeric output(s).
histogram_regex Filter to only process attributes that match the specified regex.
measure_collector_time Measure the collector’s run time in milliseconds.
metrics_whitelist Regex list to match metrics to transmit. Mutually exclusive with metrics_blacklistoption.
password Password used for authentication.
percentiles Comma separated list of statistical percentiles to collect.
regex Enables the mbeans option to match with regex.
rewrite Config sub-section that contains pairs of from-to regex rewrites. See below for example.
username Username used for authentication.

Metrics Blacklist



mbeans = "..."
java = coffee
"-v\d+\.\d+\.\d+" = "-AllVersions"
".*Gets2Activities.*" = "...