Microsoft SQL Metrics


Category Instance Fully Qualified Name (FQN) Description
Process sqlserver sql_server.percent_processor_time The percentage of time the processor is busy.
General Statistics N/A sql_server.user_connections The number of users currently connected to the SQL Server.
General Statistics N/A sql_server.processes_blocked The number of processes that are blocked.
Locks _Total sql_server.total_lock_waits_per_sec The number of locks per second that had to wait for resources.
SQL Statistics N/A sql_server.batch_requests_per_sec The number of batches the server is receiving per second.
SQL Statistics N/A sql_server.sqL-compilations_per_sec The number of SQL compiles per second.
SQL Statistics N/A sql_server.sql_recompilations_per_sec The number of SQL recompiles per second.
Buffer Manager N/A sql_server.checkpoint_pages_per_sec The number of pages written to disk per second by a checkpoint operation.
Buffer Manager N/A sql_server.buffer_cache_hit_ratio The ratio of how many pages are going to memory versus the disk.
Buffer Manager N/A sql_server.page_life_expectancy The number of seconds a page is in the buffer pool without references.
Access Methods N/A sql_server.page_splits_per_sec The number of page splits occurring per second.

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