MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database. CloudWisdom can be used to monitor your MongoDB’s performance.


The Linux Agent must be setup before you proceed with the MongoDB integration.


  1. Navigate to the collectors folder, /opt/netuitive-agent/conf/collectors.
  2. Open the MongoDBCollector.conf file.
  3. Change the enabled setting to True.
  4. Replace the default host address and/or port number if necessary.
  5. Save the configuration file, and restart the Linux Agent.

Due to the large number of metrics generated by MongoDB, you shouldn’t monitor more than one MongoDB host per agent.

Collector Options

Option Default Description
enabled FALSE Enable collecting these metrics.
host A single hostname(:port) to collect from. Overrides hosts.
metrics_blacklist “.databases.|.metrics.repl.executor.shuttingDown.|.storageEngine.|.writeBacksQueued.|.mem.supported.|.tcmallocformattedString.|^percent.*” Regex list to match metrics to block. Mutually exclusive with metrics_whitelistoption.
simple TRUE Set to “True” to only collect the same metrics as mongostat.
byte_unit Default numeric output(s).
cluster If this node is part of a cluster, the collector will collect metrics on the cluster health.
collection_sample_rate 1 Only send stats for a consistent subset of collections. This is applied after collections are ignored via the ignore_collectionssetting. Sampling uses crc32 to ensure consistency across replicas. Value between 0 and 1.
databases .* A regex of databases to gather metrics for.
hosts [‘localhost’] An array of hostname(:port) elements to collect metrics from. Set an alias by prefixing “host:port” with alias@
ignore_collections ’^\’ A regex of which collections to ignore. MapReduce temporary collections (*)are ignored by default.
metrics_whitelist Regex list to match metrics to transmit. Mutually exclusive with metrics_blacklistoption.
network_timeout Timeout for mongodb connection (in milliseconds).
passwd Password for authenticated login (optional).
replica False Set to “True” to enable replica set logging. Reports health of individual nodes as well as basic aggregate stats.
ssl False Set to “True” to enable SSL connections to the MongoDB server.
translate_collections False Translate dot (.) to underscores (_) in collection names.
user User name for authenticated login (optional).
ssl_certfile The certificate file used to identify the local connection against mongod.
ssl_keyfile The private keyfile used to identify the local connection against mongod.
ssl_pem_passphrase The password or passphrase for decrypting the private key in ssl_certfile or ssl_keyfile. Only necessary if the private key is encrypted.
ssl_cert_reqs Specifies whether a certificate is required from the other side of the connection, and whether it will be validated if provided.
ssl_ca_certs The ca_certs file contains a set of concatenated certification authority certificates, which are used to validate certificates passed from the other end of the connection.
ssl_crlfile The path to a PEM or DER formatted certificate revocation list.
ssl_match_hostname True Enables hostname verification.
auth_mechanism SCRAM-SHA-1 The default MongoDB authentication mechanism.