Sensu is a monitoring tool that can create events to alert users about server failures, application health, and more. Sensu can be configured to send external events to CloudWisdom. This feature is only compatible with Linux machines.

How to Send Events From Sensu

  1. Hover on your account name in the top right-hand corner and click API Keys from the drop-down menu.
  2. Copy the API key from the custom integration in the table.
  3. Install the Metricly Event Handler.
  4. Download the Metricly Event Handler to the /bin directory.
sudo curl
-agent/metricly-event-handler-linux -o

5. Ensure the file is executable (use the chmod command).
6. Create and configure the /etc/metricly/metricly-event-handler.yaml file using the API key you copied in step 2 and the URL to the events ingest API.

url: ""

7. Create a handler in Sensu.
8. Create a file named metricly_handler.json in etc/sensu/conf.d

  "handlers": {
    "metricly-event-handler": {
      "type": "pipe",
      "command": "/bin/metricly
      -event-handler stdin -s Sensu",
      "severities": [

9. Create at least one check in Sensu.
10. Restart the Sensu services to pick up the new check and handler.
11. Check CloudWisdom for your new Sensu events.


To add a check to detect if the Linux Agent supervisor is running:

  1. Install the process checks script
sudo sensu-install -p process-checks:0.0.6

2. Create a file named check_linux-agent.json in etc/sensu/conf.d.

  "checks": {
    "linux-agent": {
      "command": "check-process.rb -p
      'linux-agent - Handlers'
      -W 1 -C 1 -w 1 -c 1",
      "standalone": true,
      "interval": 60,
      "handlers": ["debug", "metricly-event-handler"]