SNMP Interface

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Interface collector is used to allow the Linux agent to monitor the performance of remote SNMP-enabled devices like routers and switches. The collector can gather data from as many devices as necessary by adding additional configuration sections under the [devices] header; see the example below for details.


You should have SNMP set-up and your community string ready prior to activating the SNMP collector.


  1. Navigate to the collectors folder, /opt/netuitive-agent/conf/collectors.
  2. Open the SNMPInterfaceCollector.conf file.
  3. Change the enabled setting to True.
  4. Update the other settings as necessary, or add additional devices using the defaults as a guide.
  5. Save the configuration file and restart the Linux Agent.

Collector Options

Option Default Description
enabled FALSE Enable collecting SNMP metrics.
path interface The file path to the SNMP Interface.
interval 60 How often the collector collects metrics (in seconds). Note The 60-second default may be taxing on your hardware. You may want to increase the collection interval to 120 seconds.
retries 3 Number of times the collector will retry before stopping.
timeout 5 Seconds before the SNMP connection will automatically timeout.
byte_unit Default numeric output(s).
measure_collector_time Measure the collector’s run time in milliseconds.
metrics_blacklist Regex list to match metrics to block. Mutually exclusive with metrics_whitelistoption.
metrics_whitelist Regex list to match metrics to transmit. Mutually exclusive with metrics_blacklistoption.