JumpCloud SSO

1. Generate a Certificate in CloudWisdom

  1. Navigate to Account Profile > SSO.
  2. Select Generate. generate
  3. Copy the generated certificate and use it to create a .cert file.
  4. Select Continue.

Keep this tab open and open a new tab; you must now login to JumpCloud and upload the certificate.

2. Create New Application in JumpCloud

  1. Log into JumpCloud as an administrator.

    Login page must say JumpCloud Administrator Login and not JumpCloud User Login.

  2. Navigate to Applications > + (New Application). A slide-out panel appears. jc-new-application
  3. Search for SAML and select Custom SAML App > Configure.
  4. Input the following values:
    • DISPLAY LABEL: Your SSO Label (“A name of your choosing to identify this configuration.)
    • IDP ENTITY ID: jumpcloud-cloudwisdom
    • SP ENTITY ID: netuitive-api
    • ACS URL: https://app.metricly.com/saml/SSO
    • SP CERTIFICATE: Upload the .cert file from section 1.
    • SAMLSUBJECT NAMEID FORMAT: urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress
  5. Create USER ATTRIBUTES for the following:
    • email: email
    • firstName: firstname
    • lastName: lastname
    • role: Read Only
  6. Add your tenant name to the Default Relay State field if you do not want to enter it when logging into CloudWisdom from JumpCloud. Your tenant name is the company name you used when you signed up for a CloudWisdom account. Contact support if you do not know your tenant name. jc-relay-state
  7. Save your new SSO application.

Be careful not to accidentally create your USER ATTRIBUTES (green) under CONSTANT ATTRIBUTES (red). jc-user-attributes-tip

Now you are ready to download your certificate and metadata to be uploaded to CloudWisdom.

Download IDP Certificate & Export Metadata

  1. Expand the IDP Certificate Valid menu on the left of the app.
  2. Select Download certificate jumpcloud-download-certificate
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the app’s settings and select export metadata. jumpcloud-export-metadata

You are now ready to import your JumpCloud certificate and metadata to CloudWisdom.

3. Finish SSO Set-up in CloudWisdom

  1. Navigate to Account Profile > SSO.
  2. Upload the IDP Certificate file from JumpCloud.
  3. Upload the Metadata.xml file from JumpCloud. upload-metadata-xml
  4. When finished, it should look like this: cloudwisdom-sso-complete

Login URLs

  • login URL: https://us.cloudwisdom.virtana.com/#/login?sso=true
  • login URL (tenant name pre populated): https://us.cloudwisdom.virtana.com/#/login?sso=true&tenantName=Your+Tenant+Name