User Scripts

The User Scripts Collector runs external scripts and collects their output for you to view in CloudWisdom.



  1. Navigate to the collectors folder, /opt/netuitive-agent/conf/collectors.
  2. Open the UserScriptsCollector.conf file.
  3. Change the enabled setting to True.
  4. Update scripts_path with the directory where your scripts are located (default: /opt/netuitive-agent/).
  5. Save the configuration file and restart the Linux Agent.

About Scripts

For the collector to work properly, your monitored scripts must be executable and should output metrics in the form of:

metric.path.a value
metric.path.b value
metric.path.c value

Value can be a static integer or the value stored in a variable;only numerical values are valid.


Checks Total Running Processes & Threads

This example checks for total running processes and total running threads every 60 seconds.


PROCTOTAL=`ps -A --no-headers | wc -l`
PROCTHREADS=`ps -AL --no-headers | wc -l`

echo processes.total_processes.count.value $PROCTOTAL
echo processes.total_threads.count.value $PROCTHREADS
Counts Log Occurrences

This example acknowledges a log every 60 seconds and count how many times a string shows in a log. This script is used to count log occurrences and converts that number into a metric.


CHECKCOUNT=(awk -v d1="$(date --date="-1 min" "+%b %_d %H:%M")" -v  d2="$(date "+%b %_d %H:%M")" '$0 > d1 && $0 < d2 || $0 ~ d2' /var/log/secure
echo possible_sudo_hacks.count.value $CHECKCOUNT

Collector Options

Option Default Description
enabled False Enable collecting User Scripts metrics.
scripts_path /opt/netuitive-agent/user-scripts Path used to find scripts to run
byte_unit Default numeric output(s).
measure_collector_time Measure the collector’s run time in milliseconds.
metrics_blacklist Regex list to match metrics to block. Mutually exclusive with metrics_whitelist option.
metrics_whitelist Regex list to match metrics to transmit. Mutually exclusive with metrics_blacklistoption.