ASG Metrics

Collected Friendly Name Fully Qualified Name (FQN) AWS Metric Statistic Units Max BASE CORR UTIL CPU Credit Balance aws.ec2.cpucreditbalance CPUCreditBalance average none yes no no CPU Credit Usage aws.ec2.cpucreditusage CPUCreditUsage sum none yes no no CPU Utilization Percent aws.ec2.cpuutilization CPUUtilizationPercent average percent 100 yes yes yes Ephemeral Disk Read Bytes aws.ec2.diskreadbytes DiskReadBytes sum bytes none no no no Ephemeral Disk Read Ops aws.

ASG Recommendations

The Auto Scaling Group (ASG) Recommendations report provides a summary of the EC2 instance hours managed by all of your Auto Scaling Groups over the past few weeks. The data is summarized by hour and day for the preceding one-to-four weeks depending on how long CloudWisdom has been monitoring the ASG. Total Instance Count graph: This graph depicts the average total number of instances managed by all of your ASG(s) by hour and day.

AWS ASG Policies

Policy names are prefixed with AWS ASG – Policy name Duration Condition 1 (and) Condition 2 (and) Condition 3 Cat. Description Elevated CPUActivity (Normal Network Activity) 30 min aws.ec2.cpuutilization has an upper baseline + upper contextual deviation netuitive.aws.ec2.bytesinperse does not have a upper baseline + upper contextual deviation netuitive.aws.ec2.bytesoutpersec does not have a upper baseline + upper contextual deviation. INFO This policy is designed to catch cases where CPU activity is higher than than normal and cannot be explained by a corresponding increase in network traffic.