#Configuration Management


Ansible is a configuration management tool that can be used to automate setup of servers, databases, and more. The Agent playbook will help get the Linux Agent up and running in your environment quickly. Configuration Copy the Agent playbook to your Ansible directory. cd /ansible git clone https://github.com/netuitive/ansible-netuitive-agent.git In the Agent playbook (netuitive-agent.yml), update the hosts setting to use desired host or inventory file. Replace apikey in the metricly_linux_api setting with the API key from the Linux integration in your CloudWisdom account.

Salt Installation

Salt (or SaltStack) is configuration management software that’s designed to automate infrastructure setup. CloudWisdom’s formula will help get our Linux agent running on all of your minions quickly, so you can start seeing basic host data (as well as collector information if you so choose) for your whole environment using a single command. Configuration Add the netuitive-agent-formula to a directory on your Salt master. mkdir -p /metricly/formulas cd /metricly/formulas git clone https://github.