AWS Services Cost

View data across all of your AWS services with the AWS Service Cost Report. This report shows not only services currently used, but all services–including those not currently monitored by Metricly–to provide an overall view of your AWS cost. This report can include data from multiple accounts if consolidated billing has been set up and configured. See the admin guide for any installation and configuration steps. Like the screenshots found in this guide?

EC2 Reservation Recommendations

Avoid overbuying reserved resources with the EC2 Reservation Recommendation report. This report uses instance-hour usage data to compile multi-dimensional visualizations and provide tailor-fit purchasing recommendations to help you achieve longterm savings. An AWS integration with Detailed Billing must be enabled before using this report. This report helps you: Avoid overbuying reserved resources Decide on adequate reservation types for your use cases Get solid recommendations Visualize your total resource usage across multiple dimensions Visualization Options Switch Between Views Click CONFIGURE.

Idle Resources

Keep track of all of your unused resources with our EBS & ELB Idle Resource reports. Each report supports daily email notifications to keep you informed of changes. To Use Unattached EBS or ELB Reports Navigate to Reports > Idle Resources. Select Unattached EBS (or ELB). Available View Sorting Unattached Resource reports can be sorted by each column: Name Location Size VolumeId IOPS Type Monthly Cost Simply click on the column header to sort using that preferred column.