#Custom Checks

Alert on a Check

Setting up an alert in Metricly requires the creation of a policy and the system checks are no exception. Any check coming into the system can have a corresponding alert as well as a notification. Click on policies and select New Policy. Name the policy and apply any scoping or filtering required (for example, narrowing the scope to WinServ in US-West region with Tag Environment:Production). Next click Conditions > Add Condition, and from the drop down you will see Add System Check Condition.

Custom Checks

Metricly supports custom checks. These checks require scheduling mechanisms (such as Linux cron jobs or Windows task scheduler) to run. Using the Linux platform? When running on the Linux platform, our agent can also schedule your scripts via the Users Scripts Integration. You can then schedule a script that posts to our REST API as either a system check, a time-series metric value, even a text-based data. This removes the need for a separate scheduler or loop function.

View Checks

Leveraging our saved filters is a good way to find your checks. All checks are tagged with the key n.checks and value check name. Click Type and select either SERVER (for Linux) or WINSRV (for Windows) to pick where the check has been configured. Navigate to More > Tag and search for n.checks.