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CloudWisdom uses advanced analytics to monitor your environment and proactively notify you when problems occur. There are 3 basic data types that CloudWisdom uses to do so: Raw data: Data collected from a third party integration that has not been interpreted, or aggregated, by CloudWisdom. Because it has not been aggregated, raw data does not contribute to event creation. Aggregate data: Data collected from an integration that has been interpreted by CloudWisdom.

Getting Started

1. Watch Our Product Demo There’s no faster way to get acquainted with the UI than by watching the demo video. This tour covers both the Cost and Monitoring products, including topics like: the EC2 recommendation report, the Utilization Boxplot report, and the Cost report. 2. Register an Account You’re excited to right-size your environments and lower their costs. You’ve done all your research, and you’re ready to try CloudWisdom’s 21-day free trial.


This guide includes a list of all widget types available, their options, and the actions you can take. To take full advantage of widgets, you should strategize how to tag, group, and visualize the data in your environment. General knowledge on elements and the behavior of your metrics is strongly encouraged before making a custom dashboard. Move Widgets Hover over the widget’s title to select. The header turns gray and your cursor is replaced with when a widget is selected.