AWS DynamoDB Policies

Policy names are prefixed with AWS DynamoDB – Policy Name Duration Condition 1 Cat. Description Elevated Read Capacity Utilization 30 Min metricly.aws.dynamodb.readcapacityutilization has an upper baseline deviation + an upper contextual deviation + a static threshold ≥ 50. WARNING Read Capacity Utilization has been higher than expected for over 30 minutes; also, the actual value has been above 50% for that time. Elevated Write Capacity Utilization 30 Min metricly.

DynamoDB Metrics

Collected Fully Qualified Name (FQN) AWS Metric Statistic Units Max Sparse Data Strategy (SDS) BASE CORR aws.dynamodb.conditionalcheckfailedrequests ConditionalCheckFailedRequests sum count none zero no no aws.dynamodb.consumedreadcapacityunits ConsumedReadCapacityUnits sum count none zero yes no aws.dynamodb.consumedwritecapacityunits ConsumedWriteCapacityUnits sum count none zero yes no aws.dynamodb.onlineindexconsumedwritecapacity OnlineIndexConsumedWriteCapacity sum count none zero yes no aws.dynamodb.onlineindexpercentageprogress OnlineIndexPercentageProgress max percent 100 none no no aws.