AWS EC2 Policies

Policy names are prefixed with AWS EC2 – Policy name Duration Condition 1 (and) Condition 2 (and) Condition 3 Cat. Description Elevated CPUActivity (Normal Network Activity) 30 min aws.ec2.cpuutilization has an upper baseline deviation + an upper contextual deviation netuitive.aws.ec2.bytesinpersec does not have a upper baseline deviation + does not have a upper contextual deviation netuitive.aws.ec2.bytesoutpersec does not have a upper baseline deviation + does not have a upper contextual deviationn INFO Increases in CPU activity are not uncommon when there is a rise in network activity.

Cost Reports

Cost reports enable you to easily identify expensive instances and compare them against utilization, type, elements, and tags. These multi-dimensional reports also break down information like total versus individual instance costs and even how much each instance state (Reserved, On-Demand) costs. Custom tagging is another easy way to group your instances. Cost Reports are generated once per week. It may take up to 7 days before your first report is available.

EC2 Metrics

Collected Fully Qualified Name (FQN) AWS Metric Statistic Units Max BASE CORR UTIL aws.ec2.cpucreditbalance CPUCreditBalance average none yes no no aws.ec2.cpucreditusage CPUCreditUsage sum none yes no no aws.ec2.cpuutilization CPUUtilizationPercent average percent 100 yes yes yes aws.ec2.diskreadbytes DiskReadBytes sum bytes none no no no aws.ec2.diskreadops DiskReadOps sum none no no no aws.

EC2 Recommendations

This report compares your EC2s and utilization data to the most currently available SKU library in AWS to determine what combination would best suit your existing workload needs. You can also add optional constraints (such as CPU utilization not exceeding a particular level) to filter down recommendation results and highlight different savings opportunities. By default, this report shows your top 10 recommendations. Visualization Options How to Switch Between Views Click CONFIGURE.

EC2 Reservation Recommendations

Avoid overbuying reserved resources with the EC2 Reservation Recommendation report. This report uses instance-hour usage data to compile multi-dimensional visualizations and provide tailor-fit purchasing recommendations to help you achieve longterm savings. An AWS integration with Cost & Usage Reports must be enabled before using this report. This report helps you: Avoid overbuying reserved resources Decide on adequate reservation types for your use cases Get solid recommendations Visualize your total resource usage across multiple dimensions Visualization Options Switch Between Views Click CONFIGURE.

Right Sizing

About Right Sizing Right Sizing is the practice of finding the perfect balance between cost efficiency and stability for each of your resources. CloudWisdom provides several tools that help you understand the current performance of your workloads and their true needs—both now and in the future.