#Iam Role


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Integration allows performance data to be collected at regular intervals from AWS for analysis in Metricly. Metrics For a list of collected and computed metrics, visit our Metrics List. Dependencies Must have access to an AWS account and CloudWatch metrics. ASG EC2 EBS ELB RDS SQS DynamoDB Kinesis Stream Redshift ElastiCache EMR ECS Lambda Custom CloudWatch Metric S3 Bucket Application Load Balancer Target Group MQ Broker Prerequisite: Enable Cost Explorer Regardless of the installation method used below, Cost Explorer must be enabled from the master billing account–even if set up on a sub-account.


This installation method leverages a CloudFormation script which can be viewed here. You can also view a list of permissions granted by the IAM role. After you make a new AWS integration in Metricly, the script populates a read-only IAM role in your AWS account and links it using the integration’s Account ID and External ID. Once created, it may take a few minutes for the status to be updated.


IAM Role Method Setting up an AWS integration via IAM Role is a two step process: Create a new AWS integration in Metricly using an IAM read-only role. Optionally, filter your AWS elements for inclusion in Metricly by creating or choosing an existing tag (key-value pair), then assigning that tag to the desired elements in AWS. If you already have an existing IAM role for Metricly but it does not include a policy for Cost Explorer, skip to the last section.