Azure CLI

This installation method is recommended by Virtana for setting up your Azure integration with CloudWisdom. 1. Install the Azure CLI Download the Azure CLI (Windows 10 users may have this already installed and available through the Windows PowerShell). Install the CLI. 2. Obtain Azure Credentials Use the CLI to obtain your Azure Client ID, Password, Subscription ID, and Tenant ID. All of these values must be provided to set up an Azure integration within CloudWisdom.

Azure Portal

Virtana recommends using the Azure CLI for the best integration experience. 1. Create an Active Directory Application in Azure In a separate tab, open the Azure portal and select Azure Active Directory from the left or top menu. Select App registrations from the Manage options. Select + New Registration at the top. Provide a name for the application (e.g., CloudWisdom-Integration). Select Accounts in this organizational directory only (Default Directory only - Single tenant) for Supported Account Types.