Lambda Metrics

Collected Fully Qualified Name (FQN) AWS Metric Statistic Units Sparse Data Strategy (SDS) BASE CORR aws.lambda.duration GAUGE average milliseconds zero yes yes aws.lambda.errors GAUGE sum count zero no no aws.lambda.invocations GAUGE sum count zero yes yes aws.lambda.throttles GAUGE sum count zero no no Computed Friendly Name FQN Computation Units Min Max Description Error Percent netuitive.

Lambda Sizing

The Lambda Function Sizing tool parses Lambda function CloudWatch logs to pull billable duration and memory metrics. It’s primarily used to calculate a memory utilization metric, calculated off the max used and billable memory values. These values are then sent to Metricly. The CloudFormation template is the easiest way to start using the project. Basic Workflow A cron defaulted to run every 5 minutes kicks off execution of the Lambda function The Lambda function collects REPORT logs from 2-1 durations ago (e.

Lambda Sizing Metrics

Collected Parameters Required/Optional Description id Required URL (path) parameter. The ID of the element. levels Optional The number of levels of relationships returned, e.g., 2 would return an element related to a listed element related to the given element. startTime Optional Query parameter. The start of the window of time from which elements will be returned. The startTime must be in ISO 8601 format.