AWS SSM Install

Create Document for Install Script Open the AWS SSM Console. Select Shared Resources > Documents in the navigation pane. Click Create Document. Name the document install-metricly-agents Keep this window open and create a new browser tab. In the new tab, go to Metricly’s GitHub repo for AWS SSM. Copy the page body. In the AWS Console, replace the hello world page body content with the copied JSON. Click Create Document.


There are three ways to configure the Linux Agent default collectors: via the BaseCollector, as a combination of individual collectors, or with just the SimpleCollector. This guide outlines their differences and how to use each; however, we encourage you to try the new SimpleCollector. Using the Simple Collector netuitive-diamond/src/collectors/simple Compatibility: The Simple Collector should be used instead of the Base Collector and the Individual Collectors. Where the base or individual collectors include more data (which may be less useful or actionable), this SimpleCollector guarantees a cleaner streamlined experience.

Common Commands

These commands may vary depending on your distro. Linux Commands service netuitive-agent {stop|start|restart} /etc/init.d/netuitive-agent {stop|start|restart} initctl {stop|start|restart} netuitive-agent systemctl {stop|start|restart} netuitive-agent


If you need to disable an existing Linux integration or view the unique API key assigned to your account: Navigate to User Profile > Integrations. Find the Integration with an Integration Type of Infrastructure. Click its name. Toggle Data Collection to disable it.

Docker Install

1. Copy API Key From Docker Integration From the CloudWisdom left navigation menu, select Integrations. Click the Docker card. Ensure Data Collection is enabled. A unique API key for your account has already been generated. Highlight the one-line install command from the instructions and copy them. A unique API key for your account has already been generated and included in the command line. The command runs a container named netuitive-agent in the background and publishes the port values to the host.

Elastic Beanstalk

Using an existing application file, you can deploy the Netuitive agent to a self-contained EC2 instance complete with a load balancer and everything else it needs to run. The Elastic Beanstalk instance can also scale by itself.Check out our Elastic Beanstalk repo here. Before creating your Elastic Beanstalk instance, find or create a folder called .ebextensions in your application’s directory. Copy the netuitive.config file to your .ebextensions folder. Replace the sample API key at the top of the netuitive.

Linux Agent

Using the Linux Agent, you can quickly deploy and collect metrics with a rich set of metadata. The agent discovers and collects KPI metrics, integrates with CloudWatch, and can leverage other agent metrics. Using various plugins, the Linux Agent can also pull metrics from many different products running on a Linux operating system (in addition to pulling metrics from the host Linux OS).

Linux Agent Metrics

Collected CPU Fully Qualified Name (FQN) Description Statistic Units Min Max Sparse Data Strategy (SDS) BASE CORR UTIL cpu.total.guest Percentage of CPU spent running virtual CPUs for guest operatingsystems. average percent 0 none none yes no no cpu.total.guest_nice Percentage of CPU spent running low-priority virtual CPUs for guestoperating systems. average percent 0 none none yes no no cpu.total.idle Percentage of CPU not doing any work.

Linux Checks

Enable Linux Checks Currently, CloudWisdom comes with three pre-built checks; Heartbeat, Processes, and Ports. These are turnkey checks that do not require any scripting or coding, just simple configuration setting in the respective configuration files. Make sure the Linux agent is installed. CloudWisdom checks can be enabled via the configuration files included with the agent. All checks configuration files for the Linux agent can be found in /opt/netuitive-agent/conf/collectors Some of the checks are enabled by default, while you would need to enable other checks.