Delete an Element

You can delete an element from the Inventory Explorer page. Deleting an element in CloudWisdom persists only until the next collection cycle unless the element is also no longer being collected or posting to CloudWisdom. The metadata for a deleted element is retained for 60 days. Stale metadata (old metrics no longer collecting, attributes and tags that no longer exist) gets permanently deleted. The band analytic history for metrics associated with the deleted element is retained for 90 days.

Start or Stop Maintenance

You can place elements into maintenance mode from the Inventory Explorer or via the Metricly CLI (Command Line Interface). While an element is in maintenance mode, learning for that element is disabled (i.e. no contextual or baseline bands will be displayed) and events will not be generated for the element. Open the Inventory Explorer. Select the check box next to as many elements as desired. Click Start or Stop Maintenance at the top of the Inventory Explorer table.