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Cost & Usage Reports

Cost & Usage Reports (CUR) have replaced Detailed Billing in AWS. These reports publish your AWS billing reports once a day in CSV format to an S3 bucket that you own. CloudWisdom uses these reports to analyze your resource costs and right sizing needs. CloudWisdom no longer supports Detailed Billing files. 1. Enable Cost & Usage Reports in AWS Already have an existing hourly Cost & Usage Report with GZIP or ZIP compression set up?


Setting up an AWS integration via IAM Role is a five step process: Create a new AWS integration in CloudWisdom. Optionally, define data filters for AWS elements to be included/excluded in CloudWisdom using tags (key-value pair). Create a custom in-line policy for Cost Explorer API access. Create a custom in-line policy for Cost and Usage Reports read access. Create an IAM role in your AWS Console. Add your IAM Role’s ARN to your AWS integration in CloudWisdom.