#Microsoft Iis

Microsoft IIS

CloudWisdom can monitor the performance of your IIS server(s) using our Windows Agent. Our Windows agent is a Microsoft Windows service that collects, aggregates, and publishes windows performance counters and attributes. Prerequisites The Windows Agent is required. If you need to disable the Windows integration or view the unique API key assigned to your account, navigate to the Integrations page under the user account drop-down menu and click the integration designated as Windows under the Integration column.

Microsoft IIS Metrics

Friendly Name FQN Description Get Requests/sec Web_get_requests_per_sec The number of GET requests made per second. Post Requests/sec Web_post_requests_per_sec The number of POST requests made per second. Current Connections Web_current_connections The number of connections currently established with the web service. Connection Attempts/sec Web_connect_attempts_per_sec The number of connection attempts per second. To see a full list of metrics for the Windows Agent, see this page.