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Microsoft NET

Microsoft .NET Framework metrics come packaged with the Metricly Windows Agent. Our Windows agent is a Microsoft Windows service that collects, aggregates, and publishes windows performance counters and attributes. Configure There’s no additional configuration necessary for the Microsoft .NET Framework if you’ve already installed the Windows agent unless you want to add additional custom metrics to supplement the default collected metrics. 1. Add Custom Metrics Open the Add Counters window Open perfmon (Performance Monitor) on your computer.

Microsoft NET Metrics

Friendly Name FQN Description Exceptions Thrown/sec CLR_count_exceptions_thrown The number of exceptions thrown per second. This includes both .NET exceptions and unmanaged exceptions that are converted into .NET exceptions. % Time in Garbage Collection CLR_percent_time_in_GC The percentage of elapsed time spent performing garbage collection since the last garbage collection cycle. Application Restarts ASP_application_restarts The number of times an application has been restarted during the server’s lifetime.