MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database. Metricly can be used to monitor your MongoDB’s performance. Prerequisites The Linux Agent must be setup before you proceed with the MongoDB integration. Configure Navigate to the collectors folder, /opt/netuitive-agent/conf/collectors. Open the MongoDBCollector.conf file. Change the enabled setting to True. Replace the default host address and/or port number if necessary. Save the configuration file, and restart the Linux Agent. Due to the large number of metrics generated by MongoDB, you shouldn’t monitor more than one MongoDB host per agent.

MongoDB Metrics

Fully Qualified Name (FQN) Description Units Min Max BASE CORR UTIL netuitive.linux.mongo.connections.utilizationpercent The percentage of available connections currently being utilized. Computation: (mongo.connections.current / (mongo.connections.current +mongo.connections.available)) * 100 percent 0 100 yes no yes netuitive.linux.mongo.opcounters.totalreads The total number of read operations currently taking place (reads include both query and getmore requests). Computation: mongo.opcounters.query + mongo.opcounters.germore count 0 none yes no no netuitive.

MongoDB Policies

Policy names are prefixed with MongoDB – Policy name Duration Condition 1 (and) Condition 2 Category Description Connections in Use Threshold Exceeded 5 min metricly.linux.mongo.connections.utilization percent has a static threshold > 90% CRITICAL More than 90% of the total connections to MongoDB are in use. You may need to scale your servers to handle the load. Elevated Number of Queued Read Requests 30 min mongo.