There are two types of Windows plugins: Read (which allow our Windows agent to read data) and Write (which allow our Windows agent to write data). The following plugins are enabled by default: ReadWindowsPerfCounters ReadWindowsAttributes ReadWindowsEvents WriteNetuitive This configuration is recommended for monitoring a Windows server with Metricly. Other Read/Write plugins are available as documented below (note that the Write Console plugin has no configuration settings). Enable/Disable To change which plugins are enabled, edit the CollectdWin.


Determining if you have a proxy enabled Open Internet Explorer. Click the Tools icon, and then click Internet Options. On the Connections tab, click LAN settings. If any of the checkboxes are selected and the appropriate information is filled out, you may need to configure proxy settings to enable data being posted by the agent on your server. Configuring the proxy Add the following to the end of the CollectdWinService.