AWS RDS Policies

Policy names are prefixed with AWS RDS – Policy name Duration Condition 1 (and) Condition 2 (and) Condition 3 Cat. Description Elevated RDS CPU Activity (Normal Network Activity) 30 min metricly.aws.rds.cpuutilization has an upper baseline deviation + an upper contextual deviation + a static threshold > 20 metricly.aws.rds.networkreceivethroughput does not have an upper baseline deviation + does not have a upper contextual deviation metricly.

Cost Reports

Cost reports enable you to easily identify expensive instances and compare them against utilization, type, elements, and tags. These multi-dimensional reports also break down information like total versus individual instance costs and even how much each instance state (Reserved, On-Demand) costs. Custom tagging is another easy way to group your instances. Cost Reports are generated once per week. It may take up to 7 days before your first report is available.