Choose Scope

The scope of a policy defines which element(s) get assigned to that policy. A policy can use a combination of criterion to narrow its selection; for example, all elements tagged with region-east + EC2 as a type. Scope Methods When using multiple fields, an element must meet each criterion to be included in the policy’s scope. Name Contains or Name Excludes Input a string of characters into the Name Contains or Name Excludes field.


A policy is a set of conditional tests used to set custom rules for when Metricly will generate an event or other notifications. In other words, policies allow you to define various types of abnormal element behavior, then notify you when that abnormal behavior occurs. Use the Policy Editor to add, edit, enable, disable, or delete policies. A policy is made up of a scope, condition(s), duration, and notification(s). The Scope defines the element or elements to which a policy is applied.