Etsy StatsD

Etsy StatsD is one of the most popular StatsD libraries available. Metricly offers a backend plugin for the Etsy StatsD library that allows you to send your StatsD metric data to Metricly. We recommend using our Etsy StatsD integration if you currently have an Etsy StatsD server running and want to send your instrumented data to Metricly. For more information about Etsy StatsD, see the following documentation. Configuration 1. Copy API key From the top navigation menu, click Integrations.

Netuitive StatsD

The Netuitive StatsD integration interprets, aggregates, and forwards custom metrics generated from your application. Using the values instrumented from your application’s key actions and data (method calls, database queries, etc.), Metricly aggregates the values, associates them with corresponding metrics, and analyzes them in our analytics cycles. The Netuitive StatsD server comes pre-installed as part of the Linux Agent. We recommend setting up a Netuitive StatsD integration if you do not have a StatsD server already.