Element Tags

Send Element tags To send element tags, update the agent.yml found in the netuitived gem by uncommenting the elementTags line. This file is located at netuitived/config/agent.yml. Key/Value pairs should be added in the following format: name1:value1, name2:value2.

Tags & Attributes

You can send tags and attributes through the Windows Agent by updating files in from the /CollectedWin/config folder. Sending Tags Navigate to the /CollectdWin/config/ReadWindowsTags.config file. Update the <Tags> section. Tag Name =“tag1”: replace tag1 with the static key for this tag. Value=“value1”: replace value1 with the host’s tag value. Save your file. Tag Example <ReadWindowsTags> <Tags> <!-- Example <Tag Name="candle" Value="fresh-linen"/> <Tag Name="spice" Value="ginger"/> --> </Tags> </ReadWindowsTags> Sending Attributes Navigate to the /CollectdWim/config/ReadWindowsAttributes.