Webhooks are an HTTP/HTTPS callback request sent to a desired URL in response to some event, which could be pushing code to a repository or a comment being posted in an online community. A Webhook integration can be used to generate external events in Metricly’s Event Explorer, meaning you could create policies based on the content of those messages. Configure From the top navigation menu, select Integrations. Select the Webhook card.

Webhook Payloads

Webhook Payloads Webhooks have two main payload types: inbound and outbound. Outbound payloads can be customized and sent as notifications. To create a customized webhook payload: Navigate to your Account Profile > Notifications > Webhook. Click + Add Webhook. Fill out all fields; select Custom from the Payload dropdown. Input your custom JSON + Freemarker writeup. Save. Example 1 { "message_type":"<#if payloadType == "event">${eventCategory.name}</#if><#if payloadType == "event_cleared">RECOVERY</#if>", "entity_id":"${elementId}", "entity_display_name":"${elementName}", "state_message":"<#if payloadType == "event"> [${elementName}] [${policyName}] [${eventTimestamp}] : ${policyDescription}</#if><#if payloadType == "event_cleared">The policy ${policyName} has CLEARED for ${elementName} and is no longer generating events as of ${eventTimestamp}</#if>" } Example 2