Custom Metrics

Custom Metrics are enabled by Windows plugins. There are two types of Windows plugins: Read (which allow our Windows agent to read data) and Write (which allow our Windows agent to write data). The following plugins are enabled by default: ReadWindowsPerfCounters ReadWindowsAttributes WriteNetuitive This configuration is recommended for monitoring a Windows server with CloudWisdom. Other Read/Write plugins are available as documented below (note that the Write Console plugin has no configuration settings).


Manually Install the Windows Agent Download the latest Windows Agent. Ensure you download the correct version for your environment. Run the setup wizard and follow the instructions to install it. Navigate to the** WriteNetuitive.config** file (C:\Program Files\CollectdWin\config or C:\Program Files (x86)\CollectdWin\config depending on your environment. Open the file and locate the line <WriteNetuitiveURL="https://api.us.cloudwisdom.virtana.com/ingest/windows/{apikey}" />. Replace {apikey} in the URL with the API key generated in step 1. Save the file and restart the agent.

Tags & Attributes

You can send tags and attributes through the Windows Agent by updating files in from the /CollectedWin/config folder. Sending Tags Navigate to the /CollectdWin/config/ReadWindowsTags.config file. Update the <Tags> section. Tag Name =“tag1”: replace tag1 with the static key for this tag. Value=“value1”: replace value1 with the host’s tag value. Save your file. Tag Example <ReadWindowsTags> <Tags> <!-- Example <Tag Name="candle" Value="fresh-linen"/> <Tag Name="spice" Value="ginger"/> --> </Tags> </ReadWindowsTags> Sending Attributes Navigate to the /CollectdWim/config/ReadWindowsAttributes.


Logs are written to C:\ProgramData\CollectdWin\CollectdWin.log by default. Errors are written to the Event Log. To adjust the log file level, edit the line below near the end of the CollectdWinService.exe.config: Navigate to C:\Program Files\CollectdWin\config or C:\Program Files (x86)\CollectdWin\config. Edit<logger name="*" writeTo="default" minlevel="[Trace/Debug/Info/Warn/Error/Fatal]" />. Save file. Windows Server 2003 If you are monitoring a Windows Server 2003 instance and are having trouble seeing data in CloudWisdom, you may need to install a hotfix from Microsoft.

Upgrade Agent

To upgrade the Windows agent, follow the installation steps listed on the main Windows Integration page using the version of the agent you wish to upgrade to. The latest versions of the agent can be downloaded from the agent repo and details of the releases can be found on the Github project page. Installing a new version of the agent will overwrite changes you have made to existing agent configuration files located in C:\Program Files\CollectdWin\config or C:\Program Files (x86)\CollectdWin\config depending on your environment.

Windows Agent

The CloudWisdom Windows Agent is a Microsoft Windows service that collects, aggregates, and publishes windows performance counters and attributes. Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, and .NET metrics are native to our Windows Agent. Only one Windows integration in your account is necessary to receive all Windows-related metrics. Configure Installation is as easy as executing an MSI installer and configuring the service. The agent is pre-configured to send the most important performance metrics, and system attributes to CloudWisdom.

Windows Agent Metrics

Collected Friendly Name Fully Qualified Name (FQN) Description Statistic Units Min Max Sparse Data Strategy (SDS) BASE CORR UTIL Avg. Disk Queue Length logical_disk.*.avg_queue_length Average queue length for the logical disk. average count 0 none none yes no no Free Megabytes logical_disk.*.megabytes_free Space free on the logical disk expressed in megabytes. average megabytes 0 none none yes no no % Free Space logical_disk.

Windows Checks

Enable Windows Checks Make sure the Windows agent is installed. CloudWisdom checks can be enabled via the configuration files included with the agent. All checks configuration files for the Windows agent can be found in C:/Program Files (x86)/CollectdWin/conf/ or C:/Program Files/CollectdWin/conf/ (depending on the version of windows). Simply change the enable setting for the ReadSystemChecks from false to true in the CollectdWin.config file to enable the system checks. To configure the checks, edit the ReadSystemChecks.

Windows Policies

Policy names are prefixed with Windows – Policy name Duration Condition 1 (and) Condition 2 (and) Condition 3 Cat. Description Elevated Disk Latency 15 min physical_disk._Total.avg_sec_per_read has an upper baseline deviation physical_disk._Total.avg_sec_per_write has an upper baseline deviation WARNING This policy will generate a WARNING event when both disk read and write times are higher than their expected baselines Elevated MemoryUtilization 10 min netuitive.